The AABSS is an interdisciplinary professional society designed to serve faculty and administrators at four-year colleges and universities. The annual meeting offers a collegial forum for participants to share research, ideas for professional development, and academic concerns in all areas of the Behavioral and Social Sciences. Student participation is encouraged.

The American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Eleventh Annual Meeting
February 7 – February 8, 2008


Paper presentations or workshops that deal with the broad range of subject matter of relevance to behavioral and social scientists are encouraged. Suitable subject areas include:

  • emerging themes and trends in disciplines
  • research in the behavioral/social sciences
  • issues in teaching
  • curriculum development
  • workshops on teaching
  • technology as a pedagogical tool
  • faculty and administrative concerns
  • working with students
  • international/global concerns
  • racial/ethnic/gender/disability issues
  • health and well-being

Relevant disciplines include:

Accounting/Anthropology/Behavioral Sciences/Business/Community Studies/ Economics/Communications/Criminology,Criminal Justice/Education/Geography/History/Family Studies/ Gerontology/Human Development/Human Relations/Human Resources/Labor Studies/International Relations/Psychology/Political Science/Social Work/Sociology/Urban Studies/Women’s Studies/Men’s Studies

Essay Writers Service and Social Science Education

Writing research papers on Social Sciences is not as easy as it might seem from the first sight. To prepare a quality paper for presentation at our 11th Annual Meeting, a student needs to do research and format its results as required by our choosing committee. Many potential participants may consider our guidelines tough to follow and ask independent paper writers for help. To help you find out how to do it properly, we prepared this guide. 

What student majors are considered Social Sciences? 

If you wonder whether is psychology a Social Science, it is. Other areas of study that are covered by this notion include History, Communications, Sociology, Education, Politology, International Relations, Economics, Geography, Anthropology, Psychology, and Gender Studies. Business can also be added to this category. If you study Art, however, you cannot participate in our conference, but if your major is Art History and minor is Anthropology, your background allows you to contribute to our Annual Meeting. 

How to write a Social Sciences report for AABSS Conference?

If you want to write a quality paper on your own, follow the steps below. This short instruction will help you to complete your report without contacting custom writing services:

  • Download the paper guidelines from our website. If you cannot find them, write a request to us so that we could email them to you. Once you have them, look through them to make sure you have no questions and understand what we want from our potential participants; 
  • Review the papers you’ve done before. Before you ask for help write my paper, review the Social Sciences papers you’ve written earlier: maybe, some of them will be suitable for our Conference. Even if there are no papers that match our requirements entirely, consider taking the next step;
  • Edit your research paper according to our guidelines. Have you ever done the research that falls into the scope of our Conference? Great! Just format your existing paper as a report for delivery at our Annual Meeting, proofread it, and you’re done;
  • Submit your paper to us. You can do that by email stated on our website. 

In case you have no research paper that fits our instructions and need to write it from scratch, feel free to do the following: 

  • Choose a topic of your report. Contact your academic advisor to formulate the topic if you lack ideas on how to do it on your own. You can also see division classification essays topics here. Remember, your report topic should be precise and measurable: broad topics are usually not granted the participation in our Conference; 
  • Read our paper guidelines carefully. Now that you have the topic, check our report guidelines. Pay special attention to the deadline, word count, structure, and references; 
  • Gather the material for your research. We do not limit you in your sources choice: they can include handbooks, scientific articles, documentaries, etc.;
  • Write an outline for your paper. This is to keep your report structured and easy to perceive by our choosing committee and Conference audience. Having an outline in front of you will also simplify the writing process for you;
  • Check your paper for mistakes. Editing and proofreading are required for all papers that you submit to us since we do not accept first drafts to our Conference. 

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How to make sure your AABSS paper is unique?

If you are worried about the authenticity of papers provided by custom writing websites, we advise you to do the following:

  1. Always check your paper for citations. It is the first thing that you can do to make sure that your paper has no plagiarized parts. Review the sources of the quotations, page numbers, authors, the year of publishing, etc.;
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